Autumn Diesel Gala


Epping Ongar Railway

Friday 22nd September 2023 to Sunday 23rd September 2023

“The home fleet, along with some interesting visiting locomotives come out to be put through their paces over some of the most challenging gradients in preservation. This is expected to be the final appearance of 31438 for a period of time prior to some essential repair work.

Regettably 37029 will be unable to take part in this gala event, as repairs to the turbo have unfortunately not been completed in time.


Up to 9 locomotives in action!
Visiting class 25 locomotive, D7659 (25309) courtesy of the Waterman Heritage Trust and Peak Rail
Visiting class 20 locomotive, 20227 courtesy of the Class 20 Locomotive Society
Visiting class 14 locomotive, D9516 courtesy of Didcot Railway Centre
Home fleet including, 20001, 31438, 47635, class 03 D.2170 and 08114
Blue locomotives on blue and grey coaching stock
Class 20 locomotives in multiple all weekend”

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