Clacton – a walk by the seaside



Clacton-on-Sea, on the ‘Essex Sunshine Coast’ is a much loved seaside town. Visited by generations of families, it offers everything you need from a traditional visit to the British. A thriving pier with big exciting rides, a big dipper, slot machines, candy floss and ice cream. There are fish and chip shops, a Tubby Isaacs seafood stall, deckchairs for hire, a land train, a long, long sandy beach for sunbathing on, building sandcastles, and lots of sea to swim in.

But what about the history of this much loved seaside town? When did it develop, what was there before the day trippers and holiday makers arrived, where was the Butlin’s holiday camp, and why do the characters from EastEnders go there for a day trip?

Well, if you book a guided tour with me for your family, friends or social group, you’ll discover the answer to all these questions and many more. We’ll explore the roads that lead down to the sea, walk along the seafront, look out across the North Sea and find out what makes this seaside town so special to young and old alike.

This is a great tour for groups such as the U3A, WEA and WI (and any other acronym you can think of) who are interested in social history and the history of the British seaside.

If you would like to arrange a guided walk of Clacton for your group, email us on, or send us a message via our contact form. And here are some photos to whet your appetite!