Dedham Films

Dedham Films provides a unique way of watching the latest films and live broadcasts from the likes of the National Theatre and the Royal Opera House. Films are screened in Dedham Assembly Rooms on the third Wednesday of every month and entry is only £4.00. It’s a historic location and quite civilised – with a break often provided in the middle of the film for refreshments : it’s licensed and they have ice cream. And they don’t have 15 minutes of Coming Soon and adverts before the main film.

dedham assembly hallWe paid a visit in January 2016 to see ‘Suffragette’, which we hadn’t got round to seeing at our local Odeon (who often treat non-blockbuster films with quite a bit of disrespect with regard to scheduling). It was a dark, misty night, quite atmospheric, and a pre-film drink at The Sun Inn, just down the road, got the evening off to a fine start. And a couple of months later we were there to see ‘Brooklyn’, a touching love story.

They can get booked up early, so do book in advance!

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