About Dovercourt

Dovercourt adjoins nearby Harwich, on the north-eastern tip of Essex. The town has a couple of claims to fame : the Warners holiday camp in Dovercourt was used for filming the BBC TV series ‘Hi-de-Hi’, and the camp had been used in 1939 for refugee children arriving to be placed in foster homes in the Kindertransport mission. It’s also the starting point for the excellent annual Tour de Tendring organised bike ride.

Dovercourt has a particularly family friendly beach which shelves gently towards the sea, and there are a variety of activities nearby including a boating lake and crazy golf. And if you’ve got children and the weather’s a bit iffy, they’ve got a swimming pool.


If you’re travelling some distance and won’t be back for a while our recommendation for a day out would be to start at Dovercourt, take in the beach and the lovely lighthouses, and walk up the coast, watching out for ferries and massive cargo ships heading in and out of Harwich (and see if you can spot the Naze Tower in Walton to the south). Take in the Military Redoubt and other historic buildings and museums in Harwich, before looking around the town itself. It’s all quite compact.