About Frinton-on-Sea

Harwich for the continent, Frinton for the incontinent, the old saying goes. Whilst Frinton isn’t quite as genteel as it once was, it is still a far more refined part of the Essex coast. Just south of Walton (and easily walkable along the promenade), Frinton eschews beach huts and entertainment, and goes for beaches and a huge greensward (great if you don’t like sand in your sandwiches).

There is now a pub, and a fish and chip shop, making it perfect if you want some summer sun, summer breeze, but none of the bustle of the noisier neighbours.

Getting there and getting about

The roads to this part of the Essex coast get very busy on summer holiday and weekends, so expect some slow moving traffic. There is a lot of car parking on side streets and along the greensward. There is also a railway station with fairly regular services.

Once there, walking up and down the long High Street, and along the greensward can take a lot of time. Look out for the iconic blue shelter, and some beach huts that back on to the beach (and the poshest public loos you will ever visit). If you are young and/or fit you can walk to Walton and back in an hour so.