Get Hands on with History : Myths and Legends

Get Hands on with History : Myths and Legends

Audley End House and Gardens, Saffron Walden

Saturday 25th May 2019 to Sunday 2nd June 2019, 11am to 5pm.

“Come and hear Dr Vainen Schuch-des Forges, the travelling Cure-All Salesman, at Audley End this half term for a myths and legends themed storytelling session. Listen as he tells one of his fantastical tales of how he came by the knowledge and ingredients for his Miracle-Elixir.

Enjoy exciting stories of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Borneo Head-Shriners, Secret Tibetan Monks and Pirates of the South China Seas. Witness evidence of his super strength as he shows off severed limbs which have miraculously grown back, shrunken heads and withered hands as proof that his Cure-All is never known to fail.

Marvel at the depth of his medical knowledge and wonder at the range of exotic ingredients, all gathered personally from the farthest corners of the globe. Dare you listen to these dramatic adventures of danger, mystery and science as they unfold before you?”

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