Harwich Museum


The new museum for Harwich opened in 2021, and we visited just after the Easter Bank Holiday in May 2002. It’s handily placed right next to the High Lighthouse, and very close to Harwich Town railway station.

The museum is all on one floor, and there’s plenty of room in there, and there were a lot more exhibits, and of a much higher standard, than we were expecting. There are a wide range of exhibits, which impress. There is a lot on The Mayflower, of course, with some clever Augmented Reality displays and touch-screen panels. The more recent Hi-de-Hi is well covered – it was filmed at nearby Dovercourt.

Harwich’s wartime claim to fame, it’s role in Kindertransport is covered – no packing refugees off to Rwanda in those days! There are displays about local sporting achievements, industry and other times of war, and the ferries that made Harwich famous. There are books of picture postcards to flick through, a mini cinema to watch films on, and much more. And there’s a tea-room, and a little shop. All for just £3.50 for an adult ticket, and not that much more for a season ticket!

Definitely a must for anyone visiting Harwich for a day out. More about the museum at it’s website and some of our photos below!