Kersey : a walk through Suffolk countryside

Here are some photo’s that I took whilst on a walk through lush Suffolk countryside on a slightly damp day in May.

The walk was around the very pretty village of Kersey. The village was the very first Suffolk village I ever visited, and many years later (I’m not saying how many) I’m still rather fond of it.

Kersey feels like its miles form anywhere, and whilst you do have to venture down some twisty, narrow country lanes, it’s really not much more than half an hour from Colchester, plus it has a Colchester postcode – so it most certainly qualifies as an “Essex Day Out”.

Our walk took us across the fields along well marked footpaths and green lanes, following in the footsteps of the old farm workers and their families. The fields are almost empty of people working nowadays, we saw one farmer on a tractor in the distance, but there is still plenty of wildlife to admire, and maybe if you’re feeling romantic and sentimental you will hear the ghostly footsteps of all the farm workers who went before you.

After our walk, we went to the The Bell pub which is right in the heart of the village just near to the famous ford that crosses the main street. The pub was busy, and we discovered why – the food is delicious.

For our walk we used a guide called Kersey Walks which was published by Suffolk County Council.