Kentwell Hall, Long Melford CO10 9BA

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 to Saturday 2nd November 2019

“Locals whisper of an old village that appears in darkest Suffolk every year. Ghosts, ghouls and other creatures stalk the night and are said to be able to cross through from the Other Side. They talk of it as a Haunted Village. They call it Scaresville. Some say these are just stories, others won’t say anything at all – are you brave enough to investigate?

This award winning live action immersive experience will give you an evenings entertainment not found anywhere else in this mortal realm.

Our Unfairground entertainers will prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime, with an evening of screams and laughter. As you cross over into a twilight world, where reality and imagination merge, you will encounter thrills, spills, scares and dares. Traversing the woods, buildings, and parkland of the Haunted Village as you progress on your journey to the Other side. If you survive you will be able to recover in the safe surroundings of our Bar-baric themed bar.”

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