Tiptree Museum

We had a cream tea at the Wilkin & Sons cafe in Tiptree back in September 2009, and it was one of the first articles we posted on Essex Days Out. We even used a picture of that cream team as a background to our site logo in that first version of the website.


In that earlier article we noted that having looked around the shop and had our cream tea, we’d leave visiting the museum for another day. Well, it took us six years to visit the museum!

It’s a small but fully formed museum, and tells the history of Wilkin and Sons . There are lots of artifacts, pictures of family members, and large pieces of farming equipment on display. My favourite exhibits were the really beautiful old jam jars, and as usual the the exhibits telling the story of the workers during the First and Second World Wars.

The museum is free to visit, but to reach it you need to go through the tearoom. I’m not sure that the the tearoom people would be too happy if you just went to the museum, without stopping off for something to eat first, but that’s not exactly a hardship, as the food is loveley I can recommend the sponge pudding with Tiptree strawberry jam and custard.

I don’t think we’ll quite so long before we visit again, it was a very pleasant way to spend a spring afternoon. A few years ago we also visited their tearoom at Heybridge basin

Tiptree Museum website