Escape Room – A Magical Mishap

Hedingham Castle, Castle Hedingham

Sunday 24th October 2021 to Sunday 31st October 2021

“Our very immersive, very magical Escape Room situated inside the Castle!

Can you help Headmistress Redwind? She’s in a bit of a fix – she was preparing to send the last classroom in the castle into magical storage for the school holidays when one of her spells backfired and now she is trapped in one of the old paintings. Your magical mission, should you choose to accept, is to follow the clues and find out how to release her from the spell.

Expect potions, cryptic notes and some unexpected puzzles. Professor Redwind is stuck in the potions room at the very top of the castle, full of weird and wonderful magical objects, but don’t let that distract you from the task at hand.

Recommended for ages 10+ but fun and challenging for adults too. Younger children welcome if attending in a family group.

Available to book now for October Half Term!

Prices for a 60 minute game:

2 players – £49 (£24.50 per player)
3 players – £69 (£23 per player)
4 players – £84 (£21 per player)
5 players – £98 (£19.60 per player)
6 players – £108 (£18 per player)”

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