Maeldune Heritage Centre

We spent a lovely April afternoon in Maldon. First we went to the Mighty Oak Tap Room, and then we visited the Maeldune Heritage Centre which is in the middle of the town on the High Street. The centre is housed in the Plume Building.

On display in the centre is the Maldon Millennium Embroidery. This was created in 1991 to celebrate the 1,000 year anniversary of the Battle of Maldon. It is a very beautiful work of embroidery, showing in intricate detail the history of the town. One of the stand out characters included in the work is of course the Fat Man of Maldon (they weren’t very kind in Maldon 200 years ago.)

As well as the embroidery there are also some small displays about the history of the town, including archaeological finds from nearby Beeleigh Abbey.

There is a small but very good shop, where it would be very easy to spend quite a lot of money.

It must be wonderful to be apart of a project that creates a piece of work which will last for many years, and bring pleasure to lots of people. if you’re in Maldon to shop, to go to the pub or for a walk along the prom, do the opportunity to visit the centre to view the embroidery.

More about the Maeldune Heritage Centre at their website.