Manningtree and Mistley and the Witchfinder General

manningtreebaywindow-150x150Colchester to Manningtree and Mistley, discovering the terrible tale of the notorious Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General.

This tour offers something a bit different for groups and coach trips. You can travel from Colchester where Matthew Hopkins imprisoned women in the Castle across country to Manningtree and Mistley. The two villages are on the banks of the beautiful River Stour, which is the border between Essex and Suffolk.

In the villages you can go for a walk to discover the story of Matthew Hopkins’ reign of terror in his role as the Witchfinder General, when he imprisoned and then hung women after accusing them of witchcraft.

There are tearooms and garden centres for refreshments, or a trip could include a visit to the world famous Beth Chatto Gardens for a bit of light relief after hearing about the Witchfinders’ tale.

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