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It was a lovely day today, and between us we managed to fit in a 26-mile cycle ride, the weekly shop in Sainsbury’s, a trip to a garden centre, a couple of hours in the garden, a couple of hours on the allotment, and a trip to the pub for a meal. I’ll mention the trip to the garden centre in this post!

We went to the Perrywood Nursery in Tiptree – one we’ve only recently started going to, having only spotted it when cycling past it last year. We took the scenic route, via Langenhoe, Peldon, Great Wigborough, and Tolleshunt Knights. The scenery was beautiful, with the hedgerows and trees covered in white blossom. Out came the camera, and courtesy of Photoshop, here’s an impression of one of the views:

Perrywood had a big extension put on the front of it last year. And the extenstion holds their retail shop, with a huge amount of household and garden ornaments and decorations to get through before you get to the green stuff! At the risk of sexual stereotyping, you will find the men striding through this to get to the garden stuff, whilst the ladies potter about for quite some time…

A nice touch on the way in is the series of photographs which show how the nursery has grown over the years.

The do have masses of car parking, fortunately.

They’ve got a huge selection of plants and flowers out the back of the nursery, making a decision about what to buy a difficult one (unless you’ve got a huge wallet and a huge boot in your car). On this occasion it was cucumbers and courgettes for the greenhouse and the allotment, yet another Hosta, a fern for the shady side entry of the garden, a long-handled cultivator, and a frame for sweetpeas to climb up were squeezed into the back of the car.

You’ll find the Perrywood website at, although at the time of writing it’s being a naughty website, and automatically loading a PDF for the Grand Opening of their new retail shop.

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  • July 28, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Hello Mark,

    Thanks so much for posting this article about Perrywood, it’s great to hear your positive comments about the new shop. It sounds like you enjoyed your visit and we hope you’ll come back again!

    And yes the website is not up to scratch at the moment but it’s on the to-do list for August, and will emerge looking much heathlier with up to date information and images.

    Thanks again

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